EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC Ultra Light 20'' Dobson 500mm f/3.6 GENERATION II

Item #: 0116950
EAN: 4007922003016
  • Truss-Dobson in full Aluminium construction
  • Handcrafted in HUNGARY and GERMANY
  • Quarz primary and secondary w. optical certificate
  • Eyepiece height while pointing at zenith is 1,63 m
  • Full welded rigid telescope structure - no rivets
  • Collimation while observing with the delivered tooling
  • Compacts dims for easy transportation
  • DeLuxe 2,5" HEXAFOC focuser with 1:10 gear-reduction
  • Large powder-coated yellow altitude wheels for smooth tracking
  • 2 universal finder slots to enable an easy finder position
6.990,00 € *
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