EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC 120° Ar Eyepiece 9mm (2")

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EAN: 4007922000794
  • These eyepiece offers a unmatched gigantic apparent field of view that gives the observer a panoramic visual experience.
  • Each 120° Series Argon-Purged Waterproof eyepiece is internally sealed and purged with inert, dry argon gas to prevent internal fogging, to halt the intrusion of fine particulates and fungus.
  • This also maximizes the life of the internal coatings.
  • To make sure, every 100° eyepiece is tested by submerging them down to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.
  • All 120° Series eyepieces are fully multi-coated and edge-blackened to produce maximum contrast.
  • Dimensions and specifications of all eyepieces can be found in the pdf in the folder "media"
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